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Posted by Brielle Bowyer on Tuesday, June 14, 2011,
Hey everyone! Just letting you all know that Amanda had her lap chole today!! Everything went wonderful and I've got some awesome pictures and videos that's she's given me the ok to share. The surgeon said she had one of the smallest gallbladders he's ever seen and it was jam packed full of gallstones - 15 to be exact! Crazy huh?! She's pretty sore and pretty loopy and sleepy after taking her drugs, which is providing excellent entertainment for me, her mom, and her friend. :)

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Well done!

Posted by Brielle Bowyer on Sunday, March 20, 2011,
Good work everyone at HOSA! I'm so proud of everyone and everything you've all accomplished. You guys all amaze me and I'm so lucky to have ya'll as friends and pretty much family members, haha. Next big thing... Clinicals! This is gunna be AWESOME!

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Posted by Brielle Bowyer on Wednesday, March 9, 2011,
HOSA is next week guys so you need to be preparing for your events if you
haven't already. I've posted event information packets, so go find yours and
READ through it so that you know what you need to do or bring for your
Its going to be so much fun guys!

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Summer and Fall Clinical Dates

Posted by Brielle Bowyer on Wednesday, February 23, 2011,
        May 27th

Summer Clinicals

        June 20th-August 4th

Fall Clinicals
        Unknown Dates

Non summer clinical students are out...
        May 28th-June 19th

Non Fall clinical students are out...
        August 5th-August 22nd

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